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Over the past 30 years, the fine lines that separate Miguel Perez Lem’s passions as

an artist, creative director, teacher and designer have  disappeared  to  become

one fluid identity. Lem’s creativity is fueled by his  intense  sense  of curiosity,

resulting in a diverse body of work. One of his mainstays are his photographs

printed on metal, a material chosen not only  for  its  durability,  but  because

it allows  for  manipulation  with  heat  and  chemicals.  He  utilizes  a  unique

process of adding layers to his photographs, through various techniques and

mediums, to create inimitable compositions. Lem finds this layering process

representative of a dialogue in different languages building upon one another.

These exchanges  develop  as  the  image  forms, each part  understanding  the

other perfectly to produce a  sole  harmony.  Lem  pays  careful  attention  to  his

choice of materials, as each evokes different thoughts and sentiments. Traveling

is another source of his creativity, as he finds inspiration through exposure to the

wonders of nature and civilizations – past and present – while absorbing different

cultures. Lem incorporates elements from his travels to reflect these rich

experiences and observations.

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